At Sana Sells we are proud to support women from both Main Street (USA) and emerging markets. We hire women, mostly moms, who are educated but for various different reasons are discouraged from working.

Through our comprehensive research and lead online training program, we find the most devoted and talented women to be researchers for lead generation in our emerging markets program, called Sana’s Kitchen. While we offer our training  openly to all who want to participate, only 1% pass our exams. We hope to improve those scores dramatically but are proud to offer valuable knowledge for free to those interested in learning. 

Our co-founder Sana Umer is responsible for the training and growth of our research and lead generation department.  Along with the support of our lead training partner Loop these ladies are doing amazing work. 

You can meet a few of the women from Sana’s Kitchen in the video below.  

In the USA, our selling sale rep moms help our clients build their sales or go-to-market strategy in a web-conference ‘workroom’ environment. Our head of operations, Heather McNeice works with both clients and their team. They learn by doing, and share their knowledge with each other, to perfect their demonstration, spoken, written, and digital communication skills for the benefit of the client. 

One of the reasons we can offer our services at such affordable prices is because of our investment into building an army of overqualified, well educated, quick to learn, life long learning workers who are thrilled to work from the comfort of their homes on flex schedules for our clients.  And our clients are thrilled to have so many more capable hands helping build their sales pipeline and closing sales for them at a price they can afford.  Why have one qualified CSO (or a fractional one) when you can have them AND the right amount of staff you really need to get the job done. 

Why Sana Sells is fueled by Sana’s Kitchen.