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Small Business Sales and Marketing Support

If you are a successful small business owner, you have figured out how to grow your business sufficiently to be able to support yourself and your staff.

But how do you increase your marketing efforts and turn them into more sales without taking on significantly more risk?  For most small business owners, the risks associated with growth are significant and often appear to exceed the cost of funding payroll alone.

Most small business owners find that efficient growth requires many more fractional jobs with skill sets that are not easily found in a single part-time or full-time hire. It’s common to need a ‘little more of this’ and a ‘little more of that’ to reach your goals.

How much time are you willing to invest to find all of the people and resources you need to grow? And  what happens if you hire team members who can’t do all of the jobs you need done well enough to  grow your bottom line and not just your payroll?

And what happens if you have to let them go because its just not working? How will your staff respond to turnover? Will it make them feel threatened that they might be next and as a result fearful or less happy?

Could taking this risk result in the perception that your business is unstable to your community when you are indeed already successful?

Bottom Line: Do you risk the loss of a lot more than just the growth goals you wish to reach? 

Many small business owners find themselves in this position: Where growth appears too costly. Where the requirements to manage it feels too time consuming. And where the fear of failure too great. That’s where we come in.

Our How:

We can help you affordably fill in your talent gaps.  We also manage the work from day-to-day giving you time back for the other things you need to do.

To accomplish your goals we work for our clients in a variety of ways.  Depending on how best your business will be served, our services usually include a combination of, but are not limited to:

Setting Appointments, Demo sales support and closing services Social Media Messaging
Target Market List Building Email Marketing & Lead Generation
Content Creation: Webinars, Podcasts, Video, Blog Posts PR Press Release Services
Website  & Search Optimization Building Authority with Backlinks

Our Bottom Line:

Our job is to help you grow sales and improve your inbound marketing.

We provide the talent, manage the talent, help develop your strategy and execute for you on a day-to-day basis. We will advise you on best in class tools to use and cost but you will be responsible for making sure we have what we need to do the job at hand when we need it.

We are comfortable working with many CRM’s and content creation tools so whatever will fit your busines best we will be happy to use.

Our founder, Lisa Canning, has been an entrepreneur since the age of 17 and has experienced  the challenges business owners face to grow. She started Sana Sells as a project to help women in emerging markets be able to work from home to address this problem.

At Sana Sells we help our clients find customers and build new channels to market at an affordable price, with a consultative approach, in a highly efficient manner that yields countless minuscule revisions and pivots until the process simply works.

What It Costs:

Our small business clients typically engage us for 7-10 hours a week which translates to $1500-$2000 a month @ our modest rate of $50.00 per hour.

You will find that the amount of progress you can make with many more talented/fractional helping hands, will lower your growth risk significantly and what we can do will outstrip any part-time or low-level full-time hire you can affordably make for the investment.

And because we offer reflection, consultation, A/B testing and revision as part of our core deliverables, we will help you speed up how quickly you can grow.

You will quickly find you have a trusted partner in us. Unlike that of an employee who often is fearful to speak up, even when told to by the owner of the business to, but instead will opt to to follow instructions until they don’t work or they get frustrated and quit, we will help you see and solve road blocks and make whatever necessary pivots are required to help you achieve your goals.

Who We Hire:

We hire women who are college and advance degree educated, sales and marketing skilled, good communicators, digitally savvy, and curious. We love the word ‘overqualified’.  Our ladies come from an underutilized segment of the marketplace: stay at home moms. Their schedules are flexible, as their kids are in school, and they have the ability to be responsive to the changing needs of our clientele.

For a fraction of the cost of a part time or full-time employee, we can fill in all of the talent gaps in your organization. Best part is, we have so many staff members available that no matter what you need done, we can help.