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Sales and Marketing Support For Growing Businesses

Here at Sana Sells we are all about helping businesses grow faster.  We work best with clients who:

  • Have at least $400k or more in annual sales.
  • Already have additional production/delivery capacity today – so that more sales can be delivered quickly.
  • Have a working go-to-market strategy and know your CAC (cost of acquiring a customer). We can help you lower it! 
  • Know your target market and why customers buy (so we can help activate new customers quickly and affordablty for you).
  • Have a story on why customers buy and some testimonials that we can leverage to help you get more clients.
  • Understand the adwords (google) approach to paying for leads and understand that you then need campaigns to convert them into engaged buyers.
  • Like sales to be a process/machine so you have an engine for growth. We love to rev up your bottom line!