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Optimizing Your Website Authority

We all know search and a highly optimized website drives a brand’s online success. The easier it is to for your clients and prospects to search and find you, and the easier it is to navigate your website, the more likely it is they will take action.  Our website and search optimization services include both the implementation of both technical tactics and content to improve your site’s authority to drive the realization of your business goals.

To improve your sales and marketing efforts we focus on:

  • Decreasing your bounce rate which could includes addressing poor website design, improving copy to entice prospects, improving ease of navigation, adding video and improving or slow page load.
  • Checking for readability to ensure it’s at a 4th-8th-grade reading level
  • The appropriate use and frequency of keywords
  • A mobile-friendly web design
  • Adding title, description and keyword meta tags
  • Adding sources for updating content: ie blogs, calendars, podcasts, video etc.
  • Adding Schema markup to boost your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Developing a backlink strategy for your blog or e-commerce site.
  • Optimizing your GMB page that links back to your website
  • Creating and embedding a variety of google maps that link to content and to your GMB page to provide driving directions to locations outside of your google radius to grow your reach

Our goal at Sana Sells is to help you be easy to find and to improve the time spent on your website to achieve optimal performance to and help boost sales. We work at an affordable price and can bundle these services together or can work on just one or several for you at a time.

Our team has been carefully crafted and put together.  We have secured the proper people in each niche to ensure that we will deliver the highest quality work that is available. All of these tactics will increase your authority and relevance, allowing more prospects and clients to more easily find you.