Our work begins as a consultant.

While it might be that an SEO audit triggered your initial engagement with us, our goal is to help you identify what are the next series of steps, activities and outcomes you need to accomplish two specific goals:

  • Fuel more rapid engagement with prospects.

  • Generate more sales faster for your company.

While you may think this can be achieved through adding staff or services from an agency like ours, we don’t actually think that is where you should begin. 

To have the biggest impact on your bottom line, it’s imperative you look closely at the foundation of your business practices.

With over 50 years of entrepreneurship and leadership experience in senior positions, working across verticals in customer service, sales and marketing, we believe your selling success boils down to the answers to three questions: 

Yes Or No?

  1. Do prospects and customers trust you?
  2. Are you predictably engaging prospects from trial through purchase of your product or service?  
  3. Do customers love you and routinely tell others how much they do?  

If the answer to any of these 3 questions is ‘No’, Sana Sells can help. 

Our Services

We provide auditing services, strategy consultation and a host of sales and marketing services. 

Through our auditing services we will deliver a fierce prospect and customer perspective to help you recognize exactly what you need to do to significantly improve.

Our strategy consultation and sales/marketing services will help implement our observations and recommendations. At our core we fill critical gaps that early-stage companies need, to realize deep-seated business growth. NOTHING is more rewarding than finding the essence of what it will take to make an early stage company, that has already beat the odds, grow faster. 

While there are larger firms that focus on middle market companies, charge significantly larger fees, and don’t necessarily bring 50 years of entrepreneurial experience with them, in contrast you will find us affordable, flexible, insightful and able to assimilate into early stage team culture easily. 


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