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Using Social Media For Lead Generation


Social media is no longer merely a business add-on, but a necessity. If you’re not using social media to drive traffic to your business, and therefore leads that convert into revenue, then your brand is losing out. You can build your business on social media with leads coming from sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. But […]

Multi-Generational Marketing Via Social Media

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Marketing strategies have evolved, most recently to encompass social media. Using older marketing tactics will not allow you to influence different generations, but with ‘generational marketing’ you can target entire families. The first step is to identify and segment the different generations that compose an average family. These can be broken down as follows: Generationand Silent […]

Obstacles Facing Millennial Women In The Workplace

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It may come as a surprise to read this, but millennial women are not faring as well in their careers as women have in the past. Unlike the generations who have come before them, millennial women go from job to job, attempting to work their way up each one, and not experiencing any improvement in […]

Reality Check: Small Businesses Must Use Social Media

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By now, you know that your business needs to be online. The World Wide Web and social media are no flashes in the pan, they’re here to stay, and have been for a while. As a small business owner, you’ve heard the facts and statistics from other small business owners. You’ve heard about their successes, […]

The Best Industries For Social Media Marketing (including some surprises)

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Social media marketing can’t be considered a fad any more. However, there are still plenty of business owners who believe that social media marketing cannot benefit their industry, that it only works for some businesses. This is a fallacy. Social media marketing can have an impact on every business in some way. Success in social […]

How to Become An Undisputed Authority in Your Niche


In business, you get what you work for. However, that doesn’t mean that you achieve all your business related goals by simply working hard. You have to work smart and be strategic too. Whatever your business is about, you have to build a brand, whether it’s for yourself or for your products and services. It […]

Internet Marketing for B2B vs B2C


INTERNET MARKETING FOR B2B VS B2C We’ve talked a lot about having an internet marketing plan and social media strategy in place for small businesses. And that it’s not a one size fits all approach. One of the things to consider when you’re developing an internet marketing plan is whether your business is B2B or […]

Social Media Advertising Trends in 2017

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As a society, we are increasingly spending our time online. Being online and connected constantly and shopping online more and more, has led businesses to use social media marketing to target customers who are browsing, tweeting, facebooking and snapchatting. To get the most value out of your social media marketing however, it is important to […]

Choosing The Right Social Media Partner


Small business owners know the importance of social media. You have your Facebook business page set up, and probably Twitter and Instagram too. If your company is growing, you should think about outsourcing your social media management to an outside firm, so you can focus on doing what you do best. But how do you […]

Using Statistics for Customer Engagement


What is customer engagement exactly? Oftentimes it becomes a convenient label for reaching out to customers with promotional offers or tracking their frequency of purchases. However, there is so much more interesting data to find if you scratch the surface. Statistics will strengthen your marketing message and will likely convert your pitch into a sale. […]