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Benefits Of Direct Marketing Via Email And Social Media

benefits of direct marketing

An advertising campaign that seeks to bring about an action taken by a targeted group of customers, like placing an order, visiting a store or website, is considered direct marketing. Direct marketing can be telemarketing, social media, email, point of sale, or even via post. A good direct marketing campaign focuses on promoting a specific […]

Using Social Media For Lead Generation


Social media is no longer merely a business add-on, but a necessity. If you’re not using social media to drive traffic to your business, and therefore leads that convert into revenue, then your brand is losing out. You can build your business on social media with leads coming from sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. But […]

Essential Tips For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Tips For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is essential in today’s world. In fact, it is the only way to stay ahead of your competitors. Your potential customers are online constantly, and digital marketing is the way to reach them. The only question is how best to market to your customers online. Read on for tips to optimize your digital […]

Making Influencers Work For Your Business

making influencers work for your business

Are you taking advantage of social media influencers to grow your business? If you’re not, then you’re missing out on an important part of your social media plan. Getting traffic for your business can be tough to do on your own. By teaming up with an influencer, you can maximize your potential, as well as […]

Engaging With Journalists on Social Media

Engaging With Journalists on Social Media

Why would you want to engage with journalists on social media? How can they help your business? Over the years, the role of journalists has changed and as social media continues to directly impact journalism, many of them have become key influencers online. Social media has emerged to be a powerful platform to connect brands […]

Forecasting Trends for Your Business


Whether or not we are aware of it, we are all influenced by our surroundings. Advertising, marketing and PR all work to reach into our subconscious and manipulate our thoughts so that we want to buy what they are selling. In your business, you can forecast trends and predict consumer behavior to help you build […]

Reality Check: Small Businesses Must Use Social Media

online presence

By now, you know that your business needs to be online. The World Wide Web and social media are no flashes in the pan, they’re here to stay, and have been for a while. As a small business owner, you’ve heard the facts and statistics from other small business owners. You’ve heard about their successes, […]

The Best Industries For Social Media Marketing (including some surprises)

Illustratingyoungpeople Gen X

Social media marketing can’t be considered a fad any more. However, there are still plenty of business owners who believe that social media marketing cannot benefit their industry, that it only works for some businesses. This is a fallacy. Social media marketing can have an impact on every business in some way. Success in social […]

Social Media Intelligence for Market Share Growth


Social media is an invaluable venue for businesses promoting their products and specials, but its value doesn’t end there. Social media isn’t just for blogging, tweeting and Instagramming your about business. Intelligent social media allows your company to gather insights and analyze trends from the direct and unbiased feedback your customers share online and you […]

How to Become An Undisputed Authority in Your Niche


In business, you get what you work for. However, that doesn’t mean that you achieve all your business related goals by simply working hard. You have to work smart and be strategic too. Whatever your business is about, you have to build a brand, whether it’s for yourself or for your products and services. It […]