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How to Make Networking Fun, Not Scary


Networking can be a polarizing activity. There are people who thrive on going to networking events, and meeting and greeting others. For others, the very word can be weary. Who wants to go to an event where you don’t know anyone, and have to introduce yourself over and over? If this is you, then read […]

Benefits Of Direct Marketing Via Email And Social Media

benefits of direct marketing

An advertising campaign that seeks to bring about an action taken by a targeted group of customers, like placing an order, visiting a store or website, is considered direct marketing. Direct marketing can be telemarketing, social media, email, point of sale, or even via post. A good direct marketing campaign focuses on promoting a specific […]

Engaging With Journalists on Social Media

Engaging With Journalists on Social Media

Why would you want to engage with journalists on social media? How can they help your business? Over the years, the role of journalists has changed and as social media continues to directly impact journalism, many of them have become key influencers online. Social media has emerged to be a powerful platform to connect brands […]