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5 Winning Customer Service Strategies For Customer Support


When people look for a company to patronize, they look at a number of factors: track record, quality of product or service, and, at the top of the list, good customer service. If your company wants to beat the competition, then it must have a solid customer service strategy. In fact, according to a study […]

It’s Time to Look at the Pros and Cons of Outsourced Customer Service for Your Business


Outsourcing customer service is not the panacea businesses want it to be. Most companies look at in-house services and wonder if they can tap into the potential of outsourcing to save money, expand services, or increase capacity to serve their customers. It is not the right choice for every company. Take time to evaluate the […]

The Persuasive Words Your Customers Want To Hear

be persuasive to win

We have previously talked about the phrases your customers want to hear, which go a long way towards making your customer service exceptional. Words play a huge role in helping us decide which products to buy, so today we’re going to discuss some powerfully persuasive words you can start using in your marketing campaigns, in […]

‘Knowing Your Audience’ What Does That Really Mean?

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The crux of any good marketing campaign, be it print or digital, is identifying the specific characteristics of your ideal customer. This includes geographic, demographic and psychographic variables, all of which relate to how you are able to attract, engage and convert your target audience into paying customers. The more you know about your audience, […]

What Do Your Customers Want To Hear?

What customers want to hear

Providing good customer service is a choice you make. That’s not an attempt to over simplify the concept of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. There’s more to creating a customer service culture that is in line with company values than merely smiling and acknowledging a customer. However, basic front line service provided by employees on […]

Multi-Generational Marketing Via Social Media

Illustratingyoungpeople Gen X

Marketing strategies have evolved, most recently to encompass social media. Using older marketing tactics will not allow you to influence different generations, but with ‘generational marketing’ you can target entire families. The first step is to identify and segment the different generations that compose an average family. These can be broken down as follows: Generationand Silent […]

How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Showing customer service

Why is customer service so important for a company’s brand? Excellent customer service can create loyal customers, and referral partners. Customer service doesn’t begin once the product or service is sold, it starts at the first point of contact with the customer. It is the cumulative experience someone has with your company. So what can […]