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‘Knowing Your Audience’ What Does That Really Mean?

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The crux of any good marketing campaign, be it print or digital, is identifying the specific characteristics of your ideal customer. This includes geographic, demographic and psychographic variables, all of which relate to how you are able to attract, engage and convert your target audience into paying customers. The more you know about your audience, […]

What Do Your Customers Want To Hear?

What customers want to hear

Providing good customer service is a choice you make. That’s not an attempt to over simplify the concept of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. There’s more to creating a customer service culture that is in line with company values than merely smiling and acknowledging a customer. However, basic front line service provided by employees on […]

Ready to build your first go-to-market strategy or improve upon the one you have?

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What should your go-to-market plan include and how will we help you build or refine it? Your go-to-market strategy should address how your customers will be acquired, on-boarded, retained and up-sold. It should also address how each client can be leveraged to penetrate other users, departments, functions and business units as well as referrals. Your […]

Success Through Automation


Does it feel like you’re living a nightmare with your business? Do you wake up and think that entrepreneurship was a mistake? Maybe it was exciting in the beginning and you were learning lots. Meeting new and like-minded people. Talking about your business. Not working for ‘the man’. But pretty soon, it had become exhausting. […]

Essentials For Brand Strategy Success

Describing brand strategy

Your company’s brand is your most valuable non-tangible asset. Developing a strong brand is essential to a company’s success. Brand strategy is a plan that encompasses specific, long-term goals that can be achieved with the evolution of a successful brand — the combined components of your company’s character that make it identifiable. A well defined […]

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Lead Generation Services


As a small business owner, are you doing everything you can to ensure a continuous inflow of leads? You already know that lead generation is crucial to your business and increasing revenue is a main priority. There is no such thing as ‘enough leads’. But can you get them all on your own? When you […]

Digital Businesses Are Redefining Brand Value

digital businesses

Nowadays we are bombarded with a steady stream of commercials, celebrity endorsements, recognizable logos, and all kinds of products and services tempting us. But does constant brand exposure really resonate with today’s consumers? The answer is actually no. The most successful brands focus on users, not buyers. Digital brands do things differently than traditional brands. […]

Essential Tips For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Tips For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is essential in today’s world. In fact, it is the only way to stay ahead of your competitors. Your potential customers are online constantly, and digital marketing is the way to reach them. The only question is how best to market to your customers online. Read on for tips to optimize your digital […]

Multi-Generational Marketing Via Social Media

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Marketing strategies have evolved, most recently to encompass social media. Using older marketing tactics will not allow you to influence different generations, but with ‘generational marketing’ you can target entire families. The first step is to identify and segment the different generations that compose an average family. These can be broken down as follows: Generationand Silent […]

Engaging With Journalists on Social Media

Engaging With Journalists on Social Media

Why would you want to engage with journalists on social media? How can they help your business? Over the years, the role of journalists has changed and as social media continues to directly impact journalism, many of them have become key influencers online. Social media has emerged to be a powerful platform to connect brands […]