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A Guide to Starting a Business During Coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many people facing redundancy, losing their jobs, or looking for ways to top up their bank balance to increase their financial security. Due to a rise in unemployment and job uncertainty, it could be time for a talented professional to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and launch their own business. […]

5 Winning Customer Service Strategies For Customer Support


When people look for a company to patronize, they look at a number of factors: track record, quality of product or service, and, at the top of the list, good customer service. If your company wants to beat the competition, then it must have a solid customer service strategy. In fact, according to a study […]

How to Start a Business as a Couple

When two people love one another, starting a business together can be a dream come true. To run a business without leaving the house (or changing out of pajamas) might even seem too good to be true. Whether that is a good idea or not depends entirely on the couple.  It may seem wonderful to […]

Why Diversity Skills Are an Essential Part of Any Small Business Model

Many hands to

Diversity is a bit of a buzzword for small businesses that want to take the lead in the current marketplace. Companies that focus on building diverse teams with a range of skillsets are going to go further than those that build a business around niche employees who fit only into small boxes. This does not […]

Diverse Skill Sets Build a Better Business


The marketplace is a fickle thing these days. One minute the economy demands one thing, the next minute, it’s another. The current hot trend in building a better business is diversity and range in employee skill sets. It’s not that diversity of skills was ever out of fashion, but now, more than ever, people can […]

Why B2B Startups Need to Focus on Growth


Tech companies the world over are consumer companies. Even if they are online, like Amazon or Google, they may be attracted to B2C (business to consumer) but they should not let that derail them from their plan. Starting from scratch (like a startup) means hunkering down and getting a game plan for how to do […]

Lead Generation is Important for Business to Thrive: Here’s Why


Lead generation is the process of capturing information about potential leads and turning it into a sale down the line. It often includes marketing, searching out qualified leads, and strategizing how to capture information about potential sales that will help seal the deal. There is a lot of information available online, so people feel like […]