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We are researchers at our Core Meet Sana's Kitchen Sana Sells began as a project through our sister not-for-profit organization IAEOU under the name Sana's Kitchen. In 2018 we designed a free education program to help women who hold bachelor and advanced degrees from emerging markets earn money from their kitchen tables at home. Co-founder Sana Tariq [...]

Audit Services

We offer a variety of different kinds of sales and marketing audits to address different challenges you may have.  TrustBuild™️ Audit Focused on discovering the disconnects in alignment between your processes and communication, we will create a list of recommendations to implement to increase customer trust.  Customer Journey™️ Audit We’ll help you observe, document and […]

Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Consumer (B2C) Services

Filling Short-Term and Long-Term Organizational Talent Gaps At an affordable price, Sana Sells can help fill in your organizations sales and marketing gaps. Regardless of if you experience seasonal growth spurts, or need part-time or full-time permanent talent without having to offer benefits or add to your payroll, we can help. We offer a broad […]

Selling Your Products and Services

Hire Us To Be Your Expandable (or First) Sales Team Highest Purpose  Is doing the initial research, and making the initial calls to find prospects and leads the best use of your teams time? Short On TIME Are you stretched too thin to do all the sales work you need to do with your existing [...]


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We HElp Early Stage Companies Sell Faster   Seed to Series A  Let's Talk What We Do Sales Growth is a Team Sport While it might look like you can do it alone, it goes a lot faster with a team. Let's Talk Strategy Are you struggling to Add Users? We'll help you uncover what's [...]