Target Market/ New Channel List Building


Finding fresh targets to grow your business, and new channels to market, is essential to growing your business. While there are lots of database list providers, some better than others, no one source can help you find new channels to market or your entire target market, but we can.

We work across most verticals from healthcare, legal, accounting, insurance, education, fashion, music, food to different kinds of events, conferences, speakers, bloggers, or media. As long as its not a highly technical one like aerospace, satellites or deep technology, we can build it.

From small samples for testing to large list builds, we typically build for weekly deliveries that coincide with drip email campaigns for lead generation and/or sales support services.

We guarantee target lists and will replace any we provide that bounce, or have generic email addresses. We put our lists through a battery of checks so few will fall into this category. We also guarantee that our leads of course will meet your basic search criteria and if they don’t we will of course replace them at no additional charge.

With over 100 women whom we chose from over 1500 we have trained, we are research specialists at our core. Regardless of if you need customers, users, investors, bloggers for quality backlinks or industry insiders, whatever the list you need, we can build it for you.

Case study

How Sana Sells accessed new channels to market and secured a speaking engagement for Founder, Lisa Canning, following a former President of The United States. 

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