We are researchers at our Core

Meet Sana’s Kitchen

Sana Sells began as a project through our sister not-for-profit organization IAEOU under the name Sana’s Kitchen.

In 2018 we designed a free education program to help women who hold bachelor and advanced degrees from emerging markets earn money from their kitchen tables at home. Co-founder Sana Tariq Khan from Lahore, Pakistan and founder Lisa Canning started the program. The focus was on helping women sharpen their digital media and research skills, and use those new skills to creatively search.

To date we have trained over 1500 women online. Those who pass our rigorous screening process are hired to work for our clients building lists and helping them find any information they are looking for that is searchable on the worldwide web.

The video to the right was from a crowdfunding campaign IAEOU ran. The women in the campaign are team leaders who manage groups of women for our client work. We are proud that these woman are able to work a part time while they care for their families at home.

Today we have over 100 women who work for us in emerging marketing. Our next milestone is to reach 1000.