Lead Generation, Demo Appointment Setting and Closing Services

In a recent study by IDG, 61% of marketers reported that generating high quality leads was problematic for their organization. The same study also reported that the greatest barrier to quality lead generation is a lack of resources in staffing, budgeting, or time, and lack of high quality data to drive campaigns.

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At Sana Sells we can generate warm leads for you based on your criteria and pass them to your sales team to close.

Question: Is it a good use of your sales team’s time to:

  • Do initial prospect/target market research
  • Send get-to-know-you A/B tested email campaigns
  • Follow up with those who express interest with a phone call and book an appointment or demo with someone from your team?

Or is it a better use of your sales team’s time to only focus on closing warm leads?

We are a perfect fit to help you if:

  • Your sales team is short on time
  • Your sales are rapidly growing
  • You experience cyclical ups and down in your sales process you would like to even out
  • Hiring another person permanent position isn’t an option
  • You need more hands on deck to achieve short term goals

The Problem With Lead Generation

How long does it take to start getting leads?

While it depends on what kind of leads you are looking for, within 30 days leads will start rolling in. And if we are not getting enough, we will help you tweek your messaging until we get the result you are looking for.

Do you guarantee I will receive leads?

Yes we do. You will receive leads and some really great ones too we are sure. But we cannot guarantee you that ever single one we find for you will be a perfect fit. We will work diligently to qualify everyone we are reaching out to, however sometimes those who respond are not who you hoped for. Together we will work to refine your messaging, our searches and keywords and the timing of their release to your target market until we get it simmering just right for you.