Our Team

Meet our core team members. From  Chicago, Illinois to Lahore, Pakistan we are dedicated to meeting the growth needs of our clients anywhere in the world. 


Lisa Canning
'Whatever It Takes' CEO & Founder

For over 30 years Lisa has been helping startups and SME’s create the perfect recipe for their passions and abilities to achieve greater success. Her motto ‘Whatever it takes’ has helped her create business models that turn survive into thrive for herself and others. 

Swati Khanna
'The Devil is In the Details', Content Specialist

Lawyer, entrepreneur, writer, Swati Khanna moved to Illinois from Dubai in 2015 and began reinventing herself. She has worked in private practice, in government, for hedge funds and most recently operated her own legal consultancy making it easy for her to do so.


Sana Umer
Education and Training, Co-Founder

A Pakistani native, Sana is passionate about social media, online consumer relationship building and developing crowd solutions for organizations and business owners. Devoted to building her team of ladies around the world to do meaningful work, while working from the comfort of their home, Sana is the heart of our company and who we named the business after. 


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Coco Soodek
Legal Counsel for the American Entrepreneur

Business lawyer, advisor, speaker, writer and entrepreneur, Coco Soodek, helps us write contracts, negotiate deals, and structure transactions. Coco is the author of the best-selling book on business law for entrepreneurs, Birth to Buyout: Law for the Life Cycle of Your Business.

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Heather McNeice
Expert Bridge Builder, Operations

Heather is a dynamic sales professional with over 12 years of new business, national sales and account management success across multiple market segments and verticals. Sure to make you smile, she builds bridges between our workforce and clients to ensure reliable deliverables and success stories. 


Grace Ordakowski
Bean Counter, Controller

Grace has been a controller for various companies for over 39 years. With her wealth of knowledge she helps us keep track of our jelly beans and is always one step ahead to keep us on track and our house in order. She is a great asset to our company and we are so happy to have her on our team.