Digital coupons enable merchants and brands to collect more complete, timely and accurate information on their customers, leading to a better understanding of their customers and the potential to build a direct relationship. Our coupon statistics give live reports about the distributed coupons.  

Redemption Rates

  • You have an insight into the amount of scans, claims and validations.
  • You can see the exact total of scans, validations and claims, and on which day, week and month.

Generated turnover

  • Our validation widget and API collects coupon data about the ‘money spent’.
  • You can see in detail how much turnover your customers spent in your store.

Location Based Advertising

  • We can provide you with details about the locations of the scanner, based on the customer’s phone GPS of IP address.
  • You can see where your customers claimed the coupons on Google maps.


  • We can export all captured coupon data to Excel for further analysis or re-marketing.
  • All captured coupon data is automatically saved to a database. We can create one coupon for collecting data (e.g. customers name and email address), and later, when you have a special promotion, send a different coupon offer to the captured database.
  • We offer a complete cross-media marketing tool. (e.g. share a coupon on Facebook to capture the customer’s email), and send another coupon promotion by email to the captured data.