Self-employed since the age of 17, Lisa Canning has been a main street creative entrepreneur for over 34 years. With a love for the arts, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation she has been involved in creating and delivering education in the (Regulation Title III unaccredited investor) crowdfunding industry for the past 3 years, and has been helping entrepreneurs for over 30 years find access to the resources they need to succeed.  As the education czar for Crowdfund Capital Advisors recent CF projects include: The World Bank, Climate Innovation Center in Kenya for its members; International Development Bank in partnership with the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico, the Mexican government to provide crowdfunding resources to SMEs and investors; crowdfunding education and social media development for Virl Microfinance, the largest microfinance fund in Zimbabwe.

Through her not-for-profit, IAEOU, she is a key partner to the newly forming Illinois Business Innovation Association. IAEOU will provide incubators, accelerators and their startups with crowdfunding services to connect them to the capital they need to succeed.

Lisa is also the owner of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop a boutique niche business offering amateurs, professionals, students, military, high school, college, and student and professional orchestral clarinetists access to the highest quality professional instruments through their hand selection services. She has been a Top 200 retailer for over 25 years nationally and been recognized by industry trade magazines like MMR and Music Trades.

Their Goals, Our Purpose

No stranger to having to find innovative ways to accomplish her goals,  Lisa has spent a significant portion of her career working with small and medium sized enterprises across sectors. In 2010 Lisa wanted to increase her brand recognition to a national scale and beyond. To accomplish this, Lisa embarked on two-pronged strategy to catapult her influence and access to a much more visible and larger audience. Her 2 tasks to accomplish this were:

  • Building a blog and significantly improve her search ranking and credibility in the entrepreneurship, small business and creative industries space.
  • Write high quality posts and share current trends and content related to the growth of entrepreneurship. 

She began to write on her blog Entrepreneur The Arts on a broad range of topics on a daily basis. She also began to build databases of resources for entrepreneurs to access from her blog.  From an initial following of 25, she built her online presence into an audience of 1000 daily readers and over 1,000,000 who had accessed her educational resources for entrepreneurs in the first 9 months of 2010.

Our Results 

Between 2010 and 2011 Lisa received some amazing opportunities as a result of her efforts.

As a result of these two key events, Lisa  met the co-founder of her NFP, IAEOU, Scott Gillespie as well as was introduced and invited to speak at other international events including the East West African Women’s Forum as well as by invitation from the White House, by President Obama, for the 6th annual Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Her research and content provided her with a big pay off. Not only did it launch her career on a new trajectory but equally, provided her with access to people, opportunities and situations that she was unable to achieve without these stepping stones.

If you are looking to pivot or improve your own trajectory you need to recognize that results like these, while atypical, are possible with the proper investment of research, content and time. Sana’s Kitchen can help you achieve them at an affordable price too if you give us a 12-18 months to strategically improve you and your brands positioning in the marketplace.