How We Work With You

If you are like most founders we know, you are too smart and too busy to invest the necessary time it takes to build out a sales funnel that really works. You skip steps. Take as many shortcuts as possible and don’t create a repeatable scalable process others can easily replicate without you.

From raising capital to upgrading technology, improving websites, adding storefronts, adding new products or features, building partnerships- it all takes up most of your valuable time.  And while you need early sales to demonstrate traction and support these endeavors, sometimes you can’t get the sales you need without raising capital, upgrading technology, improving websites, adding storefronts, adding new products or features, or building partnerships.

We get it. We understand. This is where we come in.

Sales and marketing are time-consuming iterative processes. We are here to help you build a high conversion funnel by providing outsourced marketing and sales solutions that help you develop every aspect of your sales and marketing efforts until they are fluidly connected and financially working. Not only will you realize faster growth but you will lower your customer acquisition cost with us too.

Our approach is akin to a 4-legged stool. We combine:

  • Strategy Consultation
  • Fresh Target-Market/New Channel List Building
  • Sales Support
  • …and a host of inbound marketing tactics to accomplish your goals.

Additionally, we utilize the strength of time-bound campaigns to ensure we can help you develop the structure and rhythm you need to produce momentum.

Momentum is only achieved once the right approach to attract and close clients has been tested, proven and can be consistently delivered and expanded. We are passionate about helping you thrive and have designed a system that affords you every opportunity to get there faster.

Regardless of if you are a small business, startup, have received angel/venture money or have already achieved enterprise status, our approach will help you grow faster at a lower cost.

To your highest purpose and fastest growth getting there,

Lisa Canning, Founder & CEO

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