How We Work With You

We help simplify growth for businesses like yours who want to grow faster. We do it by providing outsourced marketing and sales solutions that help you develop every aspect of your sales and marketing efforts until they are fluidly connected and financially working. Not only will you realize faster growth but you lower your customer acquisition cost with us too.

Our approach is akin to a 4-legged stool. We combine:

  • Strategy Consultation
  • Fresh Target-Market List Building
  • Sales Support
  • And a host of inbound marketing tactics to accomplish your goals.

Additionally, we utilize the strength of time-bound campaigns to ensure we can help you develop the structure and rhythm you need to produce momentum.

Our process begins with an initial 8-week kick-off campaign. During the first campaign, we will establish our working relationship by absorbing the knowledge, tools, and technology we need to use to work effectively for you. We use it also to establish the financial commitment that makes sense for you to make and use it as a guide for future campaign budgets. But don’t worry. It won’t cost more than the monthly budget you establish either for our initial kick-off campaign. We have taken into consideration the need for this investment of our time, to ensure you don’t pay for our learning curves, but that we have the time to come together effectively to achieve the results you most want.

After our initial campaign, we work in 4-week increments with a 1-week review period, following each campaign. We find this disciplined approach allows for reflection, pivots, revisions and increased clarity based on KPI’s, A/B testing and ongoing business opportunities we work through together.

It also creates a structure that is needed to accurately reflect and measure effectiveness. This is a huge benefit we want to provide to you. We care enough about you and your business to invest our time at no charge into you.

Now, for those of you thinking you want to become a ‘super-user’ of our service right out of the gate, don’t worry. This isn’t to say we can’t stack multiple campaigns into each period. Our structured time-bound approach is a handicap to help you move faster with clean data. Because of the ebb and flow of marketing and sales, 4 weeks is a minimum amount of time to capture a meaningful data set to determine course corrections and capture effectiveness.

We will need to set up a standing meeting with you that will occur once a week for 15-30 minutes, on the same day and at the same time. It’s important we have a dedicated time to meet to make the most out of our effectiveness and the time-bound restrictions we are setting. During this time, be making ‘cosmetic’ tweaks and changes as needed to the campaign but nothing that will amount to a pivot. That’s what our 1 week reflection period is for. That’s where we will pivot. The beauty of this design is the reflections your best judgment and ours will create by measuring through A/B testing for just 4 weeks and sticking to the design of the offering.

Momentum is only achieved once the right approach to attract and close clients has been tested, proven and can be consistently delivered and expanded. We are passionate about helping you thrive and have designed a system to help you and that affords you every opportunity to grow faster.

Regardless of if you are a small business, startup, have received angel/venture money or have already achieved enterprise status, our approach will help you grow faster at a lower cost.

To your highest purpose and fastest growth getting there,

Lisa Canning, Founder & CEO

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