Getting Started:

For our low introductory rate of $250 per month we will begin by:

  • Reviewing your business goals and lead generation needs.
  • Defining your key analytics and setting them up for ongoing review with you.
  • Initiating our key word research to find your target audience.
  • Finding you 100 cold leads and 12 warm leads in the first month.
  • Selecting 2-4 women for your account to compete to become your dedicated digital research marketing specialist.

What You Can Expect:

  • Cold and soft leads delivered to you once a week, and those that are hot immediately.
  • Throughout, we will work with you to shape a customized menu of services that will best serve your long term business needs and growth.
  • While we do offer social media management services, to help you grow, we will never need to be an admin on your page keeping you 100% safe and in control.