About Royal Musical Instruments

Founder Yuan Gaoat the age of 13, began studying the clarinet at the Central University of Nationalities College of Music in Beijing, China. Barely 3 years later, he won the First Prize at the National Clarinet Competition. The following year, he also won the top prize at Jeunesses Musicales International Music Competition in Romania. The performance was broadcast by CCTV (China Central Television) in China and the government honored him by including his name in the list of prominent Chinese musicians.

Yuan’s list of prizes and recognition for his playing hardly ends here. And like so many amazing musicians, who struggle to build a steady income despite their amazing talent, Yuan recognized he could continue his musical pursuits as a performer while beginning some new ones as a business man.

Started in 2010, Yuan began to test and flex his instrument design knowledge by having Chinese musical instrument manufacturers test build some prototype clarinets for him. He began getting prospect feedback and selling some of them. As he refined his process, and gained confidence in his abilities, he invested into equipment, a location near Beijing, China, and skilled labor to assist him.  By 2015 his instruments, that began as mediocre, five short years later had become incredible and were being sold in Brazil, Italy, South America and China.

Their Goals, Our Purpose

By 2016 Yuan wanted to pursue bringing his products to The United States. Traveling 60% of the year between his factory in Beijing and the other markets he serves, despite living in Boston, it seemed like an insurmountable challenge. Until he met our Founder, Lisa Canning, at a trade show and she offered to help him grow his business in The United States with this three pronged approach:

  • Build a marketing presence and a new website geared towards the specific needs of the U.S. market.
  • Invest in social media marketing and customized messaging to prospects.
  • Invest in keyword research to uncover his prospects in a niche market that isn’t easy to find.

When we began working with Yuan the only web presence he had was this global site.

We helped him write the content, create the imagery, and reposition the marketing of his products through this new website.

Our Results

Testimonials and Key Influencers

In the past 12 months we have helped Royal Musical Instruments become recognized by key influencers in the marketplace through testimonials and launching a social/education club targeting key influencers. Over 30 key influencers have signed up to become educational ambassadors.



Keyword Research and Analytics

Through our keyword research and social media marketing Sana’s Kitchen was able to identify a podcaster who decided to interview a key employee about their products, resulting in over a dozen sales.


Sales Lead Generation

Starting with sales in the United States of just a few instruments a year, in the first 12 months of business our leads generated 50 instrument sales, 6000 prospects, and growing interest in the marketplace for their products.

If you give us 12-18 months we can help you significantly grow your business. Our specialty is helping you find the target audience you need to help you significantly grow in your marketplace. And what makes our work with you especially sweet, is how affordable we are. We understand how hard it is to grow a business. Our services are designed to be smart, savvy, experimental and resourceful to ensure your success and our own.