The FIRST 20: Helping Startups & Small Businesses Accelerate

What We Do:

At Sana Sells we help startups and small business owners in accelerators get beyond their first 20 sales. We help them improve their sales closing process to increase their velocity to scale their business. We help our clients understand how to transform their sales process into one that clearly addresses their prospects needs, is repeatable by a sales force, and is not reliant on exceptions and/or the founder to close.

Why We Do It:

Most founders are too smart and too busy to invest the necessary time it takes to build out a sales funnel that works. Sales is a time-consuming repetitive process.  Startups and small business owners find themselves overloaded with other tasks they need to fix, update, or do to keep their businesses running. From raising capital to upgrading technology, improving websites, adding storefronts, adding new products or features, building partnerships- it all takes up most of their valuable time.

And while sales need to support these endeavors, sometimes you can’t get the sales you need without raising capital, upgrading technology, improving websites, adding storefronts, adding new products or features, or building partnerships.

Our founder, Lisa Canning, a main street entrepreneur who has helped herself and others thrive for over 35 years, knows this problem really well. Sana Sells was created from her belief that it does not have to be so hard to grow a business. It all comes down to staying alive until you can become successful. Sales is the easiest way to do that, but it requires ‘in the weeds support’ to develop a winning process. Sales that are riddled with exceptions and that have yet to devise a formula are not easily repeatable.  These kinds of early sales won’t ever provide enough income for a founder to grow their business to a size that can support themselves, let alone the appropriate level of staff they need for all of their necessary business activities.

Our How:

We help founders and business owners pivot, align, revise, or better (re)define how they offer their core service(s). We can offer this help by becoming their ‘ears-to-the-ground’ sales-workforce our clients need. Our inquisitive investigators deliver our clients pitch, listen carefully to prospects, capture what’s working and what isn’t, and reveal prospects unanswered questions and hesitations.  From week to week we take a consultative approach with our clients. Armed with weekly reports, defined by our clients’ metrics, we help them adjust as needed. This process continues with the founder until we get the ingredients in the right order, prepared the right way, and can demonstrate they can get results they need by closing more sales faster.

To accomplish this outcome, we work for our clients in a variety of ways.  Depending on how the client will be best served, our services usually include a combination of, but are not limited to:

Setting Appointments Social Media Messaging
Demo sales support and closing services Email Marketing
Lead Generation Mobile Messaging
Geo-Fence Canvasing of Prospects PR Press Release Services

Our Bottom Line:

The actual process of perfecting the sales process and customer experience journey map is an under-estimated, lacking-in-manpower-to-execute, usually-cobbled-together by founders’ needs, not their clients, based on limited insights, and finalized long before the discovery process with prospects is really complete to fully realize ‘the winning formula’ for selling success.

This is the work Sana Sells does to help your founders/small-business owners. We help our clients find customers and build new channels to market at an affordable price, with a consultative approach, in a highly efficient manner that yields countless minuscule revisions and pivots until the process simply works.

 What It Costs:

Most of our clients engage us for 5-10 hours a week. The first 10-hour block of time purchased from us is at the rate of $50.00 per hour and is for the sole purpose of sales process discovery and refinement to get those first 20 sales.  We also charge a negotiable success fee that typically ranges from $1000-$2000 when we close our first 10 clients, and another when we have closed 20.

Our First 20 engagement typically lasts 6-12 months.  We place 3 educated, curious, communicative women on each 10 hour-client-block who work alongside of a client manager. 2 of our ladies’ work ‘leads’ and the other works to connect with those leads socially.

You will find for $1000-$2000 a month the amount of progress your client makes will far outstrip any part-time or low-level full-time hire they make. You will find your suggestions can be implemented much more quickly and you will have a third party helping hold your clients’ hand as well as holding them accountable.  Additionally, we offer reflection, consultation, instant testing and revision as our mission is their refinement. Unlike that of an employee that exists to follow instructions, and will rarely be heard, our founders do listen to us because they recognize we are dedicated to helping them improve their business model.

Who We Hire:

We hire women who are highly educated, good communicators, digitally savvy, and curious. Our ladies come from an underutilized segment of the hiring marketplace: stay at home moms. Their schedules are flexible, as their kids are in school, and they have the ability to be responsive to the changing needs of our clientele.

Affiliates and Partnerships:

We are happy to explore an affiliate relationship with you. Refer a client to us and receive a 2.5% commission for the first year of the contract, payable monthly.

Click here to learn more about our CEO & Founder Lisa Canning.

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