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Email Marketing

We utilize the strengths of both opt-in email and cold email marketing.

While cold email is not a replacement for building opt-in email lists, for startups and business in growth mode, it is a necessary supplement. Cold email provides you with a way to drive near-term growth while inbound marketing campaigns gain traction.

Email is the backbone of a good sales and marketing campaign because it can educate while directing your audience to participate in other parts of your inbound marketing campaign, allowing them to get to know you faster. And when it comes to success selling with email marketing, it begins with more feeling they know, like and trust you. These are the folks who are most likely to do business with you.


We work with broad range of CRM’s and email service providers. Our favorite free tool for very very small starter testing is YAMM by Google. Our most utilized cold email tool is Woodpecker. When it comes to opt-in-lists and email service providers we have worked with too many tool list. Whatever you use, we can likely make it work as long as it delivers open, clickthrough and opt out data.