Entrepreneurship around the world is a growing industry. Incubators and accelerators are popping up in every community globally to support the advancement of small business owners and startups especially in the Middle East, Africa and the Asian-Pacific Corridor where traditionally entrepreneurs and their ideas have been underserved and under-supported. The Entrepreneur the Arts Facebook page was conceived as a educational motivational informational page to help provide access to ideas, people, products, education and support for those who were interested in developing into entrepreneurs.

Their Goals, Our Purpose

With several thousand followers scattered from around the world, in 2015 our goal was to dramatically increase the connectivity in the Middle East, Africa and Asian-Pacific Corridor.  To accomplish this Sana’s Kitchen:


  • Increased the frequency of posting to every 3-4 hours.
  • Created accessible creative original branded content.
  • Used our custom keyword analytics tools to hone in on over 1000 pages devoted to entrepreneurship to share ETA content.
  • Focused on making posts go viral through massive sharing. 



Here is an example from March of 2015. The tactics we used above created viral spikes likes these that helped us quickly amass followers.

Our Results:

The ETA page grew from a few thousand followers to just over 350,000 in 9 months. Our analytics, custom content and massive sharing created the perfect ingredients to achieve success reaching our goals for the page and our target market.