The Problem You Face

You have a product and have successfully onboarded beta or paying users’ or subscribers but your churn rate is high and/or your user base isn’t growing. We will help you get back on track to grow with our Customer Journey Audit™️ which includes:

  • Reviewing/Creating your customer journey map, to document exactly what you believe your customer user experience should be to be successful. 
  • Finding 3-6 use cases to document how an actual user uses the system to accomplish a particular goal.  
  • Define the features to be implemented and the resolution of any errors that may be encountered to bring users’ experience in alignment with the customer journey map.

If you are an early stage company, ensuring that your product is working as you expect it would for new and returning users, is a critical step that has to come before turning the majority of your attention to traditional sales and marketing efforts.

Through this process not only will we help you discover exactly what needs to change to increase user usability, but usually we will also make huge strides in improving your sales pitch and hook because of the fierce customer perspective we will have obtained. 

We have worked with fintech, edtech, food tech and traditional SaaS companies to help them uncover what stands in their way of being ready to grow their user base and been successful helping them begin to grow. Our process will speed up yours, allowing you to get to traditional sales and marketing efforts much more quickly. 

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