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Using Statistics for Customer Engagement


What is customer engagement exactly? Oftentimes it becomes a convenient label for reaching out to customers with promotional offers or tracking their frequency of purchases. However, there is so much more interesting data to find if you scratch the surface. Statistics will strengthen your marketing message and will likely convert your pitch into a sale. […]

Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Trends

As a small business owner, you’re probably used to wearing many hats. CEO, accountant, salesperson, assembly line worker, you name it. Doing so many things at once usually means that departments like marketing get much less attention than they deserve. For many small business owners, finding time to market their company is a challenge. In […]

Keyword Ranking and SEOs – Where It Is Successful and Where It Is Not

used to show keyword ranking

Do keyword rankings really drive revenue for businesses? Is it something that companies benefit from? These are some questions that have been asked recently, so I decided to poke at it with a stick. It was much like poking a hive with a stick…lots of stuff came out! In all of the reading and conversations […]

Your social media marketing road map (avoid the potholes!)

Socia media Road mark to

What is the most powerful, yet vastly underutilized tool in your marketing toolbox? Social media. If used correctly, strong personal connections are created with your prospects. Then why is it that marketers often time jump into social media without a road map of where they want to get? Aimless activity, just for the sake of […]