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Social Media Intelligence for Market Share Growth


Social media is an invaluable venue for businesses promoting their products and specials, but its value doesn’t end there. Social media isn’t just for blogging, tweeting and Instagramming your about business. Intelligent social media allows your company to gather insights and analyze trends from the direct and unbiased feedback your customers share online and you […]

How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Showing customer service

Why is customer service so important for a company’s brand? Excellent customer service can create loyal customers, and referral partners. Customer service doesn’t begin once the product or service is sold, it starts at the first point of contact with the customer. It is the cumulative experience someone has with your company. So what can […]

How to Become An Undisputed Authority in Your Niche


In business, you get what you work for. However, that doesn’t mean that you achieve all your business related goals by simply working hard. You have to work smart and be strategic too. Whatever your business is about, you have to build a brand, whether it’s for yourself or for your products and services. It […]

Internet Marketing for B2B vs B2C


INTERNET MARKETING FOR B2B VS B2C We’ve talked a lot about having an internet marketing plan and social media strategy in place for small businesses. And that it’s not a one size fits all approach. One of the things to consider when you’re developing an internet marketing plan is whether your business is B2B or […]

Social Media Advertising Trends in 2017

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As a society, we are increasingly spending our time online. Being online and connected constantly and shopping online more and more, has led businesses to use social media marketing to target customers who are browsing, tweeting, facebooking and snapchatting. To get the most value out of your social media marketing however, it is important to […]

Choosing The Right Social Media Partner


Small business owners know the importance of social media. You have your Facebook business page set up, and probably Twitter and Instagram too. If your company is growing, you should think about outsourcing your social media management to an outside firm, so you can focus on doing what you do best. But how do you […]

Website Fundamentals For Social Media Success


There is no doubt that social media is big for all kinds of businesses at the moment. Worldwide, the trend we see is social media budgets increasing year on year, and they’re only going to get bigger. If you do an online search, you’ll find any number of articles and blog posts talking about social […]

The Right Way To Social Network

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Social media and social network are terms that are often used interchangeably, although they are quite different. Social media is content that is uploaded, whatever it may be, a blog, a video, a podcast or more. It is content that you, the individual created and own, while other people can view and comment on it. […]

Building a Social Media Strategy

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Competing in today’s world of social media is hard. Especially as a small business owner, when you are surrounded by multi-million dollar campaigns from big brands. You might think that there’s nothing you can do to compete. And in a way you’re right. You can’t compete with the big brands, but you can definitely stand […]

Social Media Marketing – Is it here to stay or a flash in the pan?


We have all heard social media is the next big thing, but why? Does it have the power to stick around and make a difference or will is fad and fizzle? It’s a complex type of marketing that requires planning, intuition, and flexibility throughout the life of each campaign. It seems like social media marketing […]