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The Value of a Blog

Affordable SEO

We started a blog that continues to bring us great opportunities.

With an SEO core in the 80’s, and 4000+ backlinks we are frequently found through organic search. Our blog generates a broad range of leads that range from paid content/backlink requests, international entrepreneurship projects, to paid speaking engagements one of which was speaking after a former President of the United States.

While it takes time to build up your traffic, blogging will help boost your organic leads.

By positioning your blog as the relevant answer to your customers’ questions, and using a variety of on-page SEO tactics, blogging can give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and get customers to visit your site.

Blogging For You

Based on keyword research, the keywords your seeking to rank, and your competitions, we will craft content for you on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis- depending on your budget.

We will search until we find you the perfect writer for your area of expertise too. We have a curated list of writers that we are constantly adding to it.

We write two article lengths-short and long. Short posts are around 500-650 words and long posts typically are 800-1200. We suggest a single long post for monthly subscriptions and a combination of short and long for more frequent posts.

All our assignments being with a blog brief we craft based your keywords to make it easy for the writer assigned to you to be able to easily craft the right kind of  post to drive traffic to your website. 

How Often Should You Blog?

The average blog post is going to stay fresh and relevant, continuing to attract readers across other blogs and various social channels on average for 2 to 3 years.

Compare this with an average life of 3 hours for a Facebook post, and 2 hours for the average Twitter tweet. The lesson here is simple: if you only have a limited amount of free time to work with, spend it on something that will do you the most good for the longest time. This means blogging.

What are the best blog topics?

Many of the longest-lived blog posts are written about “evergreen” topics. Evergreen simply refers to content that never goes out of style or becomes outdated. As long as your content remains relevant to the search term, Google may continue to rank your post indefinitely.

Even non-evergreen content can get a new lease on life by recycling your post with updated information and fresh, up-to-the-minute statistics and the latest developments.

The truth is that a good, well-crafted single blog post can deliver regular quality traffic over a very extended period of time. 

In Blogging, Consistency is Even More Important Than Frequency.

Number one on the agenda for your blog should be your commitment to make regular posts on a consistent basis no matter what it takes. This is critical because many of your regular blog readers will be looking for new posts from you, and when they don’t find them, will assume that your blog is not that important to you and will quickly lose interest.

Posting consistency also applies to the number of times per week or month as well as to the specific days of the week when you publish new content. If you start out posting every Monday and Thursday, you need to continue to post every Monday and Thursday. Yes, it really is that important.

Which Blogging Package is Right for You?