5 Must-Have Tools To Make Customer Loyalty A Top Priority


Growing your customer base takes time, persistence, and diligence. However, just growing your customer base does not equal success. The real pathway to success is retaining customer loyalty by having a smart plan of action. A Forbes study linked customer retention with profitable growth, proving that making customer loyalty a priority is more than worth […]

How Content Marketing Can Grow Small Business

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Your business provides a one-of-a-kind service that the world never knew it needed, but absolutely cannot live without. If you don’t have a good content marketing strategy, the world will never know about it. Content marketing is one of the most important factors in the success, or failure, of a small business. With small business […]

Abandoned Cart Sample Emails & Strategies to Boost Conversions

In 2019 the abandoned cart rate was almost 70%. Without a successful strategy to recover that cart, you may as well be tossing money down the drain. Not only are those customers not buying from you, they are shopping with other companies and generating more profit for your competition. Not to worry, there are some […]

What Is Partnership Marketing and Why Is It Important?


Whether you are selling one hundred percent online, have a brick and mortar location, or primarily sell services, it is essential to have a robust marketing campaign if you expect to win over prospects and successfully grow your business. To get a leg up, it takes beating the competition at their own game, and sometimes […]

How to Start a Business as a Couple

When two people love one another, starting a business together can be a dream come true. To run a business without leaving the house (or changing out of pajamas) might even seem too good to be true. Whether that is a good idea or not depends entirely on the couple.  It may seem wonderful to […]

Why Does a Business Need a Marketing Strategy?

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A marketing strategy is important because it helps sell products and services. It also is designed to support both short and long-term growth. Without a strategy, your business might not grow very much. Or worse, your business might not be able to bring prospects into the pipeline and convert them into paying customers at all. […]

Three Inbound Marketing Tips for B2B Lead Generation


New customers are the lifeblood of any business. From small businesses to large firms, the only way to generate income is with paying customers. Attracting new clients not only helps your bottom line, but also drives growth and leads to new ideas and endeavors for your business. This article outlines three inbound marketing strategies to […]

Link Building: How To Master Link Building for SEO

Link Building: The heart and soul of off-page SEO.  Really wish I could have gotten that to rhyme.  Link building is one of the top 3, if not the top, Google ranking factor that you need to master, systemize, and deploy consistently if you want your website to dominate search engines.  To master link building […]

6 Best SEO Practices Experts Swear By

Just like other aspects of digital marketing, search engine optimization or SEO is one of the effective ways of increasing your website traffic and brand awareness. Right now, many companies across the globe are using SEO as part of their marketing strategies. That’s probably because of its ability to get more visitors on their respective […]

What Does it Take to Become a Successful Businesswoman?


Today’s modern woman wears many hats. She might run both her household and her company at the same time. It is no small feat to raise a family and be successful in business. When it comes to becoming a successful businesswoman, it takes focus, grit, and lots of strategy. So how do women entrepreneurs find […]