How to Help Your Small Business Survive Through Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How small business can survive COVID-19

We all know that the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is developing rapidly, and as small business owners we are all concerned about what impact this will have on the future of our businesses. These concerns are justified, but the actions you take now to protect your small business, yourself, your employees, and your customers […]

Working Smart: Efficient Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Working hard will let you sleep knowing you’re exerting all the effort you can, but working smart will let you enjoy a long and hot bath whenever you need to, right before you get a sound sleep session. It may feel that working hard is the best way to get results, but it’s usually not. […]

10 Signs You Need to Hire an SEO Agency for Your Online Business

As a businessman, it is natural to want to have control over most of your business operations. If your business is currently in an early stage, you would want to be cautious with everything which would also make you responsible for every action that your business takes. This may not yield you the results that […]

A Great Idea or Product Goes Nowhere Without Sales/Marketing

Closing a Sale

No doubt you’ve met people in your life and immediately thought to yourself, “Wow, he/she is a born salesperson.  You know the type: convivial, confident, well-spoken, engaging, and persistent.  Some people are just naturals at it; and while there are tools to help one improve in certain techniques, not everyone is cut out for it.  […]

How to Use Content Marketing to Capture Users Early

content marketing word cloud board

Brands are out of their leveraging content online and in real life. The strongest content online needs a digital strategy to deliver sales from early users. Content marketing is important for growth because it brings people to review a business’ products and services but also delivers value to them that is free (upfront). To build […]

These 6 Tips Can Help Your Small Business Pocket Extra Money

The seedlings are growing on coin placed on the soil

Running a small business is tough. It can take up to 2 years to be running at a decent pace and somewhere around 5 years to really get going. In the meantime, this can present cash flow problems and other challenges. To pocket extra money means searching for ways to improve productivity and monetize every […]

How to Benefit from Content Marketing for Small Businesses

content marketing featured in wood style

The public relations industry uses media to get client stories into the ether and raise visibility. An agency works on a story so the news outlets can promote their content. Today, the strategy is to be more self-reliant with content marketing. Social media is only one outlet for public relations.  There are many others that […]

Sana Sells LLC Receives Nomination for Edison Award

featuring sana sells logo

Social Innovation Nomination for 2020 Dateline: [Chicago, Illinois, December 17, 2019] Startup Sana Sells LLC founded by Lisa Canning, Co-Founder Sana Umer, and Heather McNeice, receives Edison Award nomination for social innovation. Sana Sells has developed a low-cost outsourced sales and marketing company to help venture-backed startups founders scale using global educated and underutilized workers, […]

Why Companies Need to Invest Creative Time in These 3 Types of Content

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Content marketing is not for dummies. Target customers know exactly what they want, and they are willing to pay for it (eventually). A business can increase their brand across many social media platforms, but they need a strategy. Traffic can be directed to a business’ website thanks to SEO-driven content if the content is right. […]