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How to Make Networking Fun, Not Scary


Networking can be a polarizing activity. There are people who thrive on going to networking events, and meeting and greeting others. For others, the very word can be weary. Who wants to go to an event where you don’t know anyone, and have to introduce yourself over and over? If this is you, then read […]


Explains social media marketing

Are you a small business owner who has purchased targeted data? Or have you considered purchasing targeted data? While permission based, inbound marketing can drive some great results and growth for your business, don’t be ignorant to the fact that purchased data can also help improve and target your sales and marketing efforts. When you […]

Top Reasons to Start a Business Blog

explain social media

Business blogs have become essential to maintaining an online presence. It can help you stand above the competition, and even get you new customers. No business is going to grow in a vacuum. Growth happens in relation to your target audience and your competitors. Here are some of the top reasons to start a business […]

Best Practices in Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Customers have high expectations from companies and brands these days. If your company is not on top of its social media game, then you’re losing your customers’ loyalty, and not gaining any new ground. Following some social media best practices will ensure your existing customers and potential customers see your company in the best light. […]

Business Development vs Sales vs Lead Generation

Differences between Business Development, Sales, and Lead Generation.

The transaction and management of customers is a significant part of any business. It involves lead generation, sales, and business development. And all of these tasks are completely different, requiring different skills and mindsets. However, many businesses either don’t understand the difference, or expect one team to have multiple competencies as a way to save […]

The Impact Of Outsourcing On Company Culture

impact of outsourcing

The concept of outsourcing has gained more and more popularity in recent years, and you too may be mulling over the idea of outsourcing one or more of your tasks. There are a variety of jobs you could outsource – traditionally outsourced tasks like accounting to more traditionally in-house tasks like product development or marketing. […]

Taking Steps Back To Move Forward

Taking step back to move forward

Running a startup requires you to be a fighter. A small business that’s new to the market has to fight for its position, by being scrappier than their already established competition. But they also need more support. Statistics show that until 2008, there were significantly more startups than there were business closures. However, that has […]

Improve Business Efficiency With These Tips

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Running a small business requires consistently making improvements. Even when things are running smoothly, they can always be better. And that is usually the best time to be making changes and tweaking things to enhance areas of your business that offer the biggest gains. So how do you gain more efficiency? Automate A lot of […]

The Persuasive Words Your Customers Want To Hear

be persuasive to win

We have previously talked about the phrases your customers want to hear, which go a long way towards making your customer service exceptional. Words play a huge role in helping us decide which products to buy, so today we’re going to discuss some powerfully persuasive words you can start using in your marketing campaigns, in […]

The Difference Between Sales And Business Development

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There is a misconception that sales and business development are the same, or at least interchangeable. This is partly due to the fact that job titles have shifted from salesperson to business development representative, in an effort to avoid any negative connotations that come with working in sales. However, the reality is that the two […]