We offer a variety of different kinds of sales and marketing audits to address different challenges you may have. 

TrustBuild™️ Audit

Focused on discovering the disconnects in alignment between your processes and communication, we will create a list of recommendations to implement to increase customer trust. 

Customer Journey™️ Audit

We’ll help you observe, document and define key touch points on your customer journey from trial to purchase.We will speak to customers and based on our findings work with your team to identify processes to simplify, streamline and improve the customer experience. 

Show Me Love™️ Audit

With a focus on building more social proof, we will help you develop case studies, testimonials, and increase social engagement that demonstrates love of the product and secure positive reviews. 

SEO On-Page Audit

We plan & execute an in-depth affordable On-Page SEO audit to research your existing website and provide specific recommendations to improve your search engine rankings.

SEO Off -Page Audit

We offer 13 different Off-Page SEO tactics to help increase inbound traffic and leads. We will help you evaluate which ones will be most advantageous for you to achieve faster growth. 

Social Media Strategy

With an end goal in mind, we will help you develop a strategy for growing your audience or reach with your target market. 

Communication Strategy

We will help you Align your communication strategy by improve your ability to socially engage and connect with users, consumers and prospects by developing a consistent style of communication across all your digital platforms.

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