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Angel and VC Backed Companies

A common scenario:

You have secured your first round of funding. To secure your next round, and ultimately pay your investors back, you need to start selling a whole lot more predictably now. It’s time to expand your sales force. So, you start interviewing for full-time sales positions while your team feverously works to build a training program that emulates the best practices from your most successful selling efforts. Of course, you will need to adjust them rapidly along the way to make them scalable, but that’s to be expected, right?

Full stop.

Reality Check:

You are about to potentially make one of the costliest decisions of your startup life. The transfer of founder’s knowledge, turning their approach to sales into a scalable one, is a significant and well under-estimated cash burn, because it simply isn’t as easy to do as you think. It takes much longer and is much harder to accomplish, as evident by the high percentage of startups who fail.  So many early sales are riddled with exceptions making it hard to develop a clear scalable path for any new sales team to succeed.

Here at Sana Sells, we lower startup/investor risk by offering angel/venture-backed startups an affordable solution to learn how to align their sales process with their marketing efforts, develop predictable sales patterns, and test it with an outsourced team of any size. Customer-centric, A/B tested, KPI driven, we will help you efficiently revise your customer journey/acquisition map until it predictably works, reducing your burn rate as well as significantly reducing your customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Not only will your savvy approach to conserving cash impress current and prospective investors, but you will put yourself in a position to have more cash on hand, when you need it most, to realize profitable growth.  As an added benefit, we also offer you the option to affordably hire the outsourced team we put together for you. You can learn more about that option here.

Bottom line:

We’ll help you grow your sales and build and align your inbound marketing efforts. You’ll provide us with any tools we need to do the job for you and we will happily give you our best suggestions and advice if you need to select them. We have worked with lots of different CRM’s and platforms for inbound marketing creation and management. We are flexible and will work with whatever you feel will best serve the needs of your business because we are a part of your team. Our flexible staffing can easily expand and contract and be many fractional helping hands with different skills as you need them.  Our approach will help your funding round work more efficiently, reduce your cash burn, improve your CAC and allow you to use more of those funds towards successful growth.